Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Yesterday's butt-rock is today's poetry

Today is my first day of real unemployment. By this I mean that today is the first day that i woke up early, but stayed in bed debating what to do first until sometimes after 10 am. It is a dangerous path further down this road. I need to start earning some money soon, and I really need to not get into the habit of staying up until 6 am watching DVDs and then sleeping until the afternoon.

On the plus side, all of the sudden I feel this deep responsibility to do a lot of bullshit online. The plus side is that all of you jamokes get to enjoy the fruits of my non-labor. Enjoy!

But I still live in Humboldt County where it is notoriously hard to find a job and i still have bills coming in and rent due on the first. The idea is that if i find a good enough job, I'll still be able to save up a few pennies here and there for future travel and the Big Purchase; someday entering the adult world completely and buying an automobile.
In Conclusion, as fun as it was to be awake for sunrise but not for TBS' early morning Dawson's Creek marathon, I need to take a shower, wash some clothes and hit the pavement. I wager it's going to be an interesting next few weeks.

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sheila said...

dude. so much to talk about. calling you now.