Saturday, May 26, 2007

You haven't lived until you've spent a Saturday afternoon cleaning while quite drunk.

Which is not to say that that's all I did today. I woke up on someone’s couch at 8 am. I said goodbye to some friends and then brushed my teeth at 5am. I went downtown and watched the start of the Kinetic Sculpture Race and took about a million pictures. I made a fantastic gorgonzola and white wine cream sauce. I even got a free sticky bun and made a few phone calls, which is hard to do when you have no phone. But I have to say that the highlight of my day has been getting smashed on random bottles of booze while I cleaned windows, banisters, and doors, uploaded pictures, and listened to a startling array of music.

Woo Haw! That's what weekends are about, finding new and interesting ways to make alcohol a larger part of your life.
In a matter of days I am leaving the place I've considered home for about 7 years now, and I have to say, the catharsis of cleaning and drinking alone to music I forgot I liked has be like a tonic. Now all I need are my three road trips to completely wipe the slate clean, and a new, improved Andrea will emerge for all the world to enjoy.


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