Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Upside Down and Inside Out

How, exactly, is one supposed to judge the direction of one's life? I ask because, to me, it seems like life is lived on one of those fabulous carnival rides that's constantly shifting, trying to throw you off your balance. Which is good, in that life is never boring, and bad, in that it can be incredibly easy to loose your perspective.

I want a quiet place to sit and think, clear my head, and try to find the base of this whirling ride called life so that I can be sure, at the lease, which way up is. Because then, at least, I;d know whether I was standing on my feet or on my head. Unfortunately modern life seems to be short on quiet, firm places where you can watch the flow of time stretch out in front of you for a few minutes and regain your bearings.

Sometimes I think introspection is one of those fabulous double-edged swords, like manic depression, that gives great gifts at great costs. Or maybe that's just another one of those life things. Good with the bad, light with the dark, smooth creamy goodness with loads of saturated fat.

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