Thursday, May 19, 2016

My Best and Worst, right now

I have a friend who is a very dedicated mom to two lovely children, and she has this tradition of asking her children what their 'high' and 'low' of the day, are as a way to encapsulate the day's activities, and release gratitude and resentment.
I think.  I just think it's cute.

So, here are my current perceptions on the high and low of pregnancy:
  • Making it through the noon-slow-down with zero caffeine.  WTF.
  • So, is this lower back soreness going to persist?  Or get worse...
  • My train of thought now runs on it's own schedule, often in the wrong direction
  • I miss red wine, dirty martinis, and coffee
  • I have always wanted/needed an excuse to snack constantly!
  • Drinking so much water is making my skin look great; you mean I could have been doing this all along?!?
  • Superb excuse to be in bed with dinner and netflix by8 pm.
  • Braggin about being everyone's go-to designated driver is making me feel *very* important
  • So much fruit and so many avocados!  delicious!

All jokes aside, so far it has been a pretty easy process, and I'm increasingly excited for the next steps.  My man and I have long conversations about morals and how we want to raise our family, what kind of people we want to send into the world, and it makes me more optimistic, in general.

Who knew planning for a future made you give a crap about it?

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