Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Today I used my last Kandoo. For the uninitiated, Kandoos are "flushable toilet wipes" for kids learning to use the toilet. They're also moist, sturdy, and make your butt smell like apples!

I learned about Kandoos from Laura, who astonished me when she first told me about her own apple-butt-smelling expereince. This is mostly because Laura really isn't the kind to talk about her butt. Or her poop. She's really not that big into poop. But I am!!

I love pooping and anything that makes it cleaner, more fun, more smelly, or allows me to talk about it! I love the idea of buying a special kind of toilet paper just for pooping!

And Kandoos really do help in the pooping process; you can poop with greater abandon when you know you've got a sturdy, moist wipe waiting for you, to get that final clean up done. Ass-splatters be damned, the Kandoo is larger than normal toilet paper, and designed to be stronger and thicker, so there's no finger-blow-through! Because Kandoos are moist and not dry like traditional toilet paper, you can achieve that just-showered or bidet-fresh feeling for your anus every time you wipe! And even though Kandoos are designed for toilet training children, I think everyone who occasionally comes down with a case of the whiskey-shits could use a box of easy-to-dispense Kandoos with which to wipe clean your bung hole.

I also used my Kandoos for tricky menstrual time peeing.

But now I am out of Kandoos, and the question is, am I too cheap to buy more, or can I just not live with out that fresh apples smell on my ass.

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