Thursday, October 14, 2010

I need...

  • Someone to claim the mystery-rodent I've been babysitting at my desk for the last 5 hours
  • Someone to extract the water out of the carpet of the moron who thought they could repair their toilet themselves
  • A fat free, calorie free, non-carcinogenic, sugar free caffeine substance that tastes like candy but won't keep me up at night
  • Better-functioning air conditioning
  • A tetanus shot
  • Barring a tetanus shot, someone to cut the metal shavings out of my finger, so I don't get lock-jaw
  • Shoes whose heels last as long as I do
  • An intelligent staff
  • An eight-day week, so I can have a two-day weekend
  • Help with my homework
  • A little credit
  • and a nap
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