Tuesday, November 09, 2010

What I mean to say is...

There is no such thing as forever. Mountains move with startling fluidity given an appropriate scope of time, which is but a blink in the context of the age of the universes, which is just one in an evolutionary series of universes, and we’ll never know if we are an early, malformed attempt at success or a singular chance formation, or just a mundane step in the path, like tadpoles with slightly shorter tails and leg buds.
So how can anyone trust, when there is no certainty, when the basis for our strongest science is conjecture, and every time we break down the elements of ourselves, we find only smaller elements. More questions.
In a way, it would make sense for all of existence as we know it to be nothing more than the labyrinth of something larger than us, beyond our comprehension. That would begin to explain the maddening parade of still further obfuscation of truth as our science reaches at singular truths and “laws” with which to restrict our reality.
Or maybe, and just as likely, it’s our problem. We always want to impose straight lines, right angles, put life and elements and everything around us into next order so that we can make statements in absolute terms, when reality is just not constructed that way.
All of the evidence we encounter in life, from the moment we start to develop our powers of observation, indicates the strict randomness of life and the propensity for rules to have exceptions.
Thus the phrase, “the exception makes the rule”.

Really, what kind of bullshit logic is that?

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